1. List Of Candidates Selected For Personal Interview For The Post Of System Manager
  2. List Of Selected Candidates For The Post Of System Manager
  3. VAT Schedules Revised
  4. List of candidates qualified for personal Interview for the post of Inspector of Taxes
  5. What documents are necessary for attatchments in my e Registration application?
  6. Dealers Training on Online CST Forms will be held on 17th December, 2012
  7. Compulsory Online Registration For Dealers In Aizawl
  8. Dt: 15thJuly,2013: New Composition Scheme of tax Payment launched under MVAT Act 2005
  9. Government of Mizoram accredit three (3) more Banks to handle e-payment
  10. Government of Mizoram accredit five (5) more Banks to handle e-payment
  11. Dt-11thJuly,2014: Meeting of Hon'ble Minister Pu Lalsawta with officials and staff of Taxation Department
  12. Dt-25thJune,2014: CIRCULAR
  13. Dt-4thJune,2014: e-Audit Training Held at Aijal Club
  14. Dt-30thMay,2014: VAT Rate Of Tobacco Products Changed From 13.5% to 20%
  15. Dt-30thMay,2014: Audit Wing Reconstituted
  16. Dt-12thMay,2014: e-Tax Audit Training Held at I&PR Auditorium
  17. Dt-7thMay,2014: E-Payment Facility Through IDBI Bank
  18. Dt-6thMay,2014: Re-Constitution of Audit Wing Under Lawngtlai Zone
  19. Dt-1stMay,2014:Information For All Audit Wing Members For Tax Audit Training
  20. 4th May 2014: Audit Wing Champhai Zone hereby re-constituted to take up Tax Audit Cases
  21. Alert to all Dealer
  22. Dt: 13thMar,2014:  Information to Audit Wing Members
  23. Dt: 06thMar,2014:  Information for all Audit Wing Members
  24. Dt: 24thJan,2014:  RFD Midterm Achievement 2013-2014
  25. Dt: 07thJan,2014:  Tender Notice
  26. Dt: 15thNov,2013:Official website of Taxation Department (, Govt. Of Mizoram rated as “Excellent” by ICT Department.
  27. Dt: 15thNov,2013:The Department’s Project “Paperless e-Way Bill System in Mizoram” selected as finalist in 4th eNorth East Award Challenge 2013
  28. Dt: 6thNov,2013:Five Supertintendent of Taxes promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Taxes
  29. Dt: 6thNov,2013:Pu Kailiana Ralte, Assistant Commissioner of Taxes, promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Taxes
  30. Dt: 17thSept,2013:Entertainment Tax Rules 2013 Published
  31. Dt: 23rdAugust, 2013: MVAT ACT. 2005 hnuai sumdawngte (Dealer) hriattirna
  32. Dt: 21stAugust, 2013: VAT TIN to be generated on VATSoft by the Head of Zonal Offices only
  33. Dt: 21stAugust, 2013: Password for uploading invoice details in the e-way bill module shall only be sent to the mobile number of the dealers
  34. Dt: 20thAugust, 2013: Internal Audit Committee
  35. Dt: 20thAugust, 2013: Audit Wing constituted in each of the Zonal Offices
  36. Dt: 14thAugust,2013: e-Audit Module to be launched on 27th August 2013
  37. Dt: 14thAugust,2013: Commissioner delegates powers under Sec 28 of MVAT ACT, 2005 to members of audit wing
  38. Dt: 15thJuly,2013: New Check Gate established at Rengtekawn, Kolasib
  39. Dt: 15thJuly,2013: The Mizoram Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment Taxation Act, 1995 rates revised
  40. Dt: 15thJuly,2013: New Forum Page For
  41. Dt: 15thJuly,2013: The Mizoram Entertainment Tax Act 2013 enacted