Aizawl North Zone


Office of the Deputy Commissioner of State Tax,
Government of Mizoram

J.L Building, Tuikual South, Aizawl

North Zone : 0389-2315053

List of Officers
Designation Name
Deputy Commissioner Pu F. Zohmingthanga
Assistant Commissioner 1)Pu R. Lalchhuanawma
2)Pi Mona Zote
3)Pu Lalnithanga Pachuau
4)Pu Lalhmachhuana
State Tax Officers 1) Michael Lalawmpuia
2) Julie Lalremsiami
3) HT Khualkunga
4) Lalhriatpuii
5) Esther Lalhruaitluangi
6) C. Lalrintluanga
North Zone Area:
  1. An area comprising Northern Parts of Aizawl city from Chanmari onwards. The boundary line will runs as follow:
    1. From Chanmari-Zarkawt boundary, the boundary line runs toward East covering Aizawl Venglai, Ramhlun, Bawngkawn Chaltlang, Laipuitlang, Thuampui, Falkland, Zuangtui, Zemabawk, Tuirial, Tuikhurhlu.
    2. From Chanmari-Zarkawt boundary, the boundary line runs towards West covering Chanmari, Hunthar, Chanmari West, Edenthar, Durtlang, Selesih, Sihphir, Lungdai.
  2. The whole area of Tuivawl Constituency.
  3. The whole area of Chalfilh Constituency including Zero Point, Sesawng, Mualmam, Khanpui, Khawruhlian, Lailak and Hmunnghak.