Aizawl Central Zone


Office of the Deputy Commissioner of State Tax,
Government of Mizoram

J.L Building, Tuikual South, Aizawl

Central Zone : 0389-2300990

List of Officers
Designation Name
Deputy Commissioner Pu David Lalchhuanawma
Assistant Commissioner 1. Pi B. Lalremruati
2. Pu Lalzarzova
3. Pu Lalruatpuia
4. Pi Lalbiakhlimi
State Tax Officers 1) Khawlneikimi Vaiphei
2) Lalrammawia Sailo
3) Rebecca Zosangluri Pachuau
4) H. Zarzoliana
5) T. Lalchhandama
6) Benjamin Lalremruata
Central Zone Area:
  1. An area comprising Central part of Aizawl City from Zarkawt Traffic point to Bara Bazar Bungkawn point. The boundary line of which will run as follows:-
    1. From Bara Bazar Bungkawn point the boundary line will run straight towards East follows the boundary line of Tuithiang and Venghlui and further follows the boundary line of Armed Veng and Bethlehem Veng up to Chite stream.
    2. From Bara Bazar Bungkawn point, the boundary line follows the Bara Bazar main road towards North up to the junction near Millennium Center.
    3. From the junction near millennium center the boundary line will run straight towards West and will cover an area of Jail Veng, Babutlang and Western part of Aizawl City such as Vaivakawn, Dawrpui Vengthar, Hunthar, Zotlang, Chawnpui, Kanan, Zonuam, 7th Day Tlang, Luangmual, Tuivamit, Tanhril, Sakawrtuichhun, Rangvamual, Phunchawng, P.T.C Lungverh, Sairang, Lengpui.
  2. The whole area of Saitual Constituency.
  3. The whole area of Tlungvel Constituency excluding the following villages namely Zero Point, Sesawng, C.T.I, Mualmam, Khawruhlian, Hmunnghak, Khanpui and Lailak.