• VAT dan hnuaia "Accounts" kan tih hi enge a awmzia?

    VAT danhnuaia Accounts emaw Books of accounts kan tih chu dealer-in a bungraw lei (purchases), a hralh (sales) leh a bungraw neihzat (stock) felfai taka a chhinchhiah a, a ziahna leh chumi kaihhawih thil a chhinchhiahna-te hi an ni a. Dealers ten heng a hmalama sawite hi fel taka ziakin a vawng anga, nitina lei leh hralh chhinchhiah zelin thlakhat, thlathum, kumkhat chhunga a hralh, lei leh stock zat a chhinchhiah tur a ni.

  • Return kan tih hi enge a awmzia?

    Return kan tih mai hi Return of Turnover tihna a ni a. Dealer-in bungrua a hralh leh lei a lo chhinchhiah (account) atanga a chhiah (tax) pekzat a chhutchhuah kimchang taka ziahchhuahna a ni. Return ziahna hi Form 5 tih a ni a, he form ah hian thla tin emaw thlathum chhunga a bungraw lei leh hralh bakah a bungraw la neihzat (stock) te ziah tel thin a ni.

  • Return hi eng anga thehluh thin tur nge ni?

    Dealer-in thlakhat chhung emaw thlathum chhung emawa a bungraw hralhzat a lo chhinchhiah khawlsa atangin a chhiah pektur zat a chhutchhuak anga, chu chu thla tin (monthly) emaw thlathum dan-ah (quarterly) emaw a bialtu Taxation Office-ah a thehlut thin tur a ni a. Thla tin a thehluh chuan 0.5 % rebate/discount a dawng thei a ni. Return hi Internet-a Taxation website – www.zotax.nic.in kaltlangin thehluh (submit) hi a awlsam hle a, mahnia tithiam lo tan pawh Facilitation Centre pan theih an ni bawk.

  • Chhiah (Tax ) hi eng anga pek thin nge?

    Chhiah pekzat tur Return Form a ziah chhuahsa chu Treasury Challan hmangin Bank - ah (State Bank of India) pek (deposit) tur a ni. Treasury Challan hi mahni bialtu Taxation Office ah lei tur a ni a, fill up vek hnu-ah Taxation Officer countersigned tir hmasak phawt tur a ni a, internet banking nei tan chuan e-payment hmangin Treasury Challan ngailo leh countersigned ngailovin awlsam takin a pek theih bawk.

  • Bank-a pawisa pek zawh hnu-ah engtia tihzui zel tur nge?

    Treasury Challan hmanga Bank a pawisa pek-in Bank-in Challan copy 2- Original leh quadruplicate an pechhuak leh thin a, Original copy leh Return Form 5 –te hi mahni bialtu Taxation Office ah thehluhtur a ni a. Quadruplicate copy hi dealer vawn tur a ni thung.

  • Return Form 5 rual hian thildang thehluh ngai a awm em?

    Return Form 5 rual hian pawisa pekna challan bak-ah bungraw lei (purchase) ziah chhuahna – Form 7 fill up vekin thehluh bawk tur a ni a. Form 7 hi kan return period milin (monthly emaw quarterly) fill-up ve mai tur a ni. Monthly anih chuan kha mi thla chhunga kan lei (purchase) zawng ziah a, quarterly anih chuan thlathum chhunga kan lei ziah tur a ni.

  • Return thehluh nan hian hun bituk a awm em?

    Awm e. Return hi thlathum danah (quarterly) emaw thla tin emaw a thehluh thin tur a ni a. Return period a zawh veleh atanga chhiar tannin thlakhat chhungin achunga sawi angin a chikima thehluh tur a ni a,(Entirna : Jan – March hi April chhungin, April – June chu July chhungin chutiang zelin) chumi chhunga thehlut hman lo tan thlakhat ah 2 % interest chawitur a ni. Thlatina pe thin tan thlatin an pek hman loh chuan rebate a dawn theih loh a, interest erawh chu quarterly a pete ang tho hian chhut tur a ni.

  • Chhiah (tax) hi return form-a mahni duh zat zat ziakin pek mai tur em ni?

    Dealer-te hi dik taka chhiah petura beisei an ni a. Return form 5 an ziah ang hi chhiah an pe mai a, amaherawhchu an chhiah pekte hi Taxation Department Officer ten an purchases leh sales nen a inmil em tih leh thil tul hrang hrang anla en fiah sak leh dawn a, chu chu Audit Assessment emaw Tax audit emaw an ti a, an bungraw lei leh hralh leh stock ten nen khaikhin a, mahni pek tur aia petlem hmuhchhuah annih chuan chhiah pek belhtir bakah hremna (penalty) pe ngei tur a ni a, an lo pe tam anih pawhin dan anga siamrem emaw refund emaw tur a ni.

  • Return hi dealer-in a dik lo thehlut palh ta se engtia tihtur nge?

    Dealer-in return a thehluh a, a dik lo tih a hriatchhuah leh chuan, return chu siamtha-in (revised return), return thehluh hun tawp atanga thlathum chhungin a thehlut leh thei ang.

  • Dealer- in return thehlut lo hian a business a kalpui reng thei em?

    Return thehlut lova business kalpui reng hi VAT danin a phal lo a, business a tiring tho tihhriat anih chuan ama hriatpuina in chawibelh tir theih a ni a, ama tello pawhin a chawitur zat tuk theih tho a ni.

  • How do I apply Online VAT Registration?

    Firstly, Log into Taxation Department Website - www.zotax.nic.in. On the top right corner of the web page, there is "e- Registration" block. Under this block, select "e-Registration application" to open the e-registration home page. Then, select "e-registration for VAT or e-Registration for CST" . Application form will be displayed for you to be filled up for online submission. Note : For e-registration under CST, the applicant needs to enter VAT Application acknowledgement Number.

  • What are the meaning of the RED asterisks in the E- application form?

    These red asterisks stands for mandatory fields that needs to be fillup without which the software will not permit you to go any further.

  • Can I try the demo module as I am not confident to go realtime?

    You can utilize the demo module as many time as you want.

  • What documents are necessary for attatchments in my e Registration application?

    Below are the attachments and information required for E registration.
    1. 3 nos of recent Passport size photo.
    2. Voter I.D
    3. Two years validity Inner Line Permit for those who is required to obtain an Inner Line Permit under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873.
    4. PAN Card(Permanent Account Number) Photo copy issued by Income Tax Department.
    5. Any other relevant Documents (e.g Dealers who deal with Medicine shall enclose valid Drug License issued by prescribed authority).