Taxation Department plays a role in the mobilization of the internal resources of the State Government of Mizoram. The Department enjoys a reputation of being the highest revenue earner among all Departments in Mizoram. As per the figures available (2012-13), the Department contributed 91.69% to the State’s total tax revenue which further adds to its credential of being a performing Department in the State in terms of revenue collection and contribution to the SGDP. The Department contributes to the State’s Exchequer by means of collection of VAT, P.O.L Tax, Profession Tax and Entertainment Tax. The Department also administers the Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2005 and the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The total revenue collection has shown a steady increase over the past 8 years owing to the reforms taken by the Department. The total revenue collection during the financial year 2012-2013 is Rs. 185.29 crores. With the introduction of VAT implementation across the State, the need for modernization has been strongly felt by the Department, for streamlining the VAT administration through citizen-centric, service-oriented processes, and establishing a certain degree of standardization with respect to Tax administration. In order to meet the increasing demands of fast, easy and transparent services of the Department for the dealers, the Department found that the technology must be designed which serves the demands and contentment of the dealers/citizens. Since the Department mainly interfaces with businesses, its functioning system must be modernized to have more attractiveness for the citizens and traders. The Department had, therefore, clearly identified the broad aims and objectives it wants to achieve so as to sustain its image of a performing Department in Government circles and at the same time elevate its service delivery standards to serve its stakeholders in an efficient manner. Basically the software was developed to –

  1. Facilitate the Department in achieving its governance envision through ICT enablement
  2. Simplify and streamline the procedures of the Department through comprehensive Business Process Reengineering.
  3. Eradicate cumbersome, time consuming and non-value adding services of the Department to provide convenience to the business people.
  4. Bring the services of the Department closer to the door steps of the citizens through “Anywhere Anytime Services”.
  5. Deliver services to the dealers in minimum turnaround time and minimize physical interaction with the officials.
  6. Reach citizens all over the State including the remotest places with all its seamless service offerings.
  7. Provide timely & reliable management information to the dealers.
  8. Develop interfaces of the Department with other Departments to facilitate seamless sharing of information for better administration and governance.
  9. Suggest ICT interventions to counter the challenges confronting the Department and enhance service delivery standards.