Result Framework Document

This section will provide RFD related documents and updates
To make the State of Mizoram financially sound and self-reliant.
Fair, transparent and effective administration of tax laws; enhancing tax/SDP ratio and providing prompt, efficient and courteous service.
  1. Optimization of revenue collection.
  2. Effective and transparent implementation of tax laws.
  3. Providing prompt and citizen-friendly services using modern IT and management tools for effective and efficient tax administration
  1. Policy on Taxes and its related matters.
  2. Profession Tax collected under the Mizoram Profession Trades calling employment and Taxation Act.
  3. Value Added Tax under Mizoram Value Added Tax Act 2005.
  4. Central Sales Tax Act collected under Central Sales Tax Act, 1956.
  5. Entertainment/Luxury Tax under The Assam Amusement & Betting Tax Act, 1939 adopted in Mizoram.
  6. Taxes on Sales of Petroleum and Petroleum Product including Motor Spirit and Lubricant Taxaxtion Act, 1973.
  7. Registration of Societies under the Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2005.
  8. Registration of Firms under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
  1. RFD 2015-2016